Corporate sustainability statements


IGM Financial’s Board of Directors has established a Corporate Sustainability Statement to provide guidance to management in overseeing corporate sustainability issues across the business.

Our statement

IGM Financial has a long-standing commitment to responsible management, which we believe is fundamental to long-term profitability and value creation. We conduct our businesses in a way that emphasizes good governance, operational integrity, ethical practices and respect for our people, our community and the environment. Our aim is to act responsibly in everything that we do, and we believe that long-term shareholder value creation results from an emphasis on client satisfaction, the development and support of our people and constructive involvement in the communities in which we operate.

This Corporate Sustainability Statement (“Statement”) reflects the core values that have guided us and will continue to guide us in conducting activities on behalf of IGM Financial and its group of companies.

Our commitment to corporate sustainability

In addition to meeting ethical standards in accordance with the firm’s Code of Conduct, and complying with applicable laws and regulations, IGM Financial strives to:

  • uphold principles, policies and procedures that promote integrity and risk management;
  • provide value to our clients and the financial advisors who serve them through excellence in our product, service and support offerings;
  • incorporate environmental, social and governance issues into our investment management processes;
  • advance the financial confidence and financial security of Canadians;
  • cultivate a rewarding and progressive workplace for our people;
  • support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights wherever we operate;
  • provide an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive;
  • manage our environmental footprint responsibly;
  • make a positive contribution in the communities where we operate; and
  • have a positive impact on the economy while delivering long-term value to our shareholders.

Formal responsibility

The Board is responsible for monitoring the implementation of this Statement. At the management level, the Corporate Sustainability Committee is responsible for overseeing the implementation of this Statement on an ongoing basis and is comprised of:

  • the President and Chief Executive Officer of IGM Financial
  • the Presidents and Chief Executive Officers of the operating companies
  • the Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer
  • the Executive Vice-President, General Counsel
  • the Senior Vice-President and Treasurer

This Statement was approved by the Board of Directors on September 28, 2017