Our partnerships



At IGM Financial, our DE&I work is not limited to our own offices but goes beyond our walls and is infused into our products and services, as well as the communities in which we operate. 

Partnerships and engagement 

External partnerships are vital for accelerating DE&I. We have both longstanding and new partners who help guide our strategy, reinforce the transformative work we’re looking to tackle, and contribute to driving DE&I more broadly within our industry and communities.

Our key DE&I partnerships

General DE&I:

IGM strives to be a leading voice for advancing DE&I across the financial services industry by creating an inclusive culture where difference is embraced and leveraged, strengthening our connection to each other, our clients, stakeholders and communities.






IGM is committed to the empowerment and advancement of women and gender diverse persons. Our partnerships promote an understanding of gender inequalities and how they can be remedied.






IGM is committed to a respectful spirit of reconciliation and collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. We work to increase knowledge and respect of Indigenous culture and history, to promote dialogue, and to inspire meaningful reconciliACTIONs in our communities. Our partnerships offer valuable resources that support our reconciliation journey.






IGM recognizes the contributions of our Black employees, Black Advisors and strive to deepen our collective racial equity commitments through the elimination of anti-Black systemic racism. We understand that moving from non-racist to anti-racist requires listening, learning, unlearning and most importantly - action. Our partnerships support our commitment to drive positive change at the organizational level and in Canada.






IGM Financial is committed to supporting, representing and promoting the professional development of the Pan-Asian community at all levels of our organization and bring forward cultural awareness and allyship to foster and strengthen connections. Our partnerships help to increase awareness, acceptance and visibility of the challenges impacting Pan-Asian members across IGM. 






IGM is committed to creating a work environment where everyone is included, safe and feels comfortable bringing their full self to work regardless of gender expression, gender identity and sexual orientation. Our partnerships support our efforts to give voice to, create awareness for, and foster representation of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community in all aspects of our business.





Community engagement at the heart of our DE&I strategy

To better represent the clients and communities we serve, we’re working with partners to infuse DE&I into our products and services and into the finance industry.

At IGM, we believe that knowledge is power and building financial well-being is at the core of our business. Across our operating companies, we build financial well-being by sharing our knowledge, expertise, tools and resources with financial advisors, clients and communities across Canada.

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