Talent attraction & retention

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Our strong brands attract smart people looking for opportunities to grow and thrive in their career. We reach out to attract top talent through online platforms, career expos, and collaborative relationships with educators and professional organizations. We offer competitive compensation and benefits, which include a wide range of options to help our people reach their health, well-being and financial security goals. 

See the Data tables for new hire and turnover measurements (GRI- 401-1).

Compensation and benefits

We ensure fair and competitive compensation and benefits by benchmarking our remuneration within the company, across the industry and against local market conditions. Our goal is to have competitive compensation and benefits to attract, retain and motivate our people.

Our full-time and regular part-time employees are eligible for:

  • A base salary plus performance incentives
  • Benefits including short- and long-term disability, life, health, vision care and dental insurance
  • Company-supported retirement plans
  • Employee share ownership plans with company matching
  • Industry-leading maternity leave benefits at Mackenzie Investments and IG Wealth Management
  • Parental and elder care leave
  • Tuition assistance programs
  • Wellness and commuting programs in support of physical, mental, financial wellness
  • Flexible work options
  • Generous training and development, and career development programs
  • Employee and family assistance programs
  • Paid volunteer day and matching giving programs

Health and wellness and safety

We are committed to providing a healthy, safe and productive work environment in which everyone is treated with dignity and respect, as set out in our Respectful Workplace Policy.

We promote employee health, well-being, and safety, helping employees balance the demands in their lives. We are sensitive to the pressures of workplace deadlines and conflicting expectations in their personal and professional lives. Through ongoing communications, training, and programs – including “wellness weeks” featuring hands-on activities – we help our people cultivate a skillset to manage stress at work and at home, and to improve their health and personal performance. We offer a confidential assistance program for employees and their immediate families, to offer practical solutions for challenges regarding their work, health, and home life. This includes counseling and referral services such as dieticians, legal support, and child or elder care assistance and resources.

Short and long-term disability programs give employees income security in the event of disease, illness or injury. Human resources leaders review the drivers of program use to identify trends and determine ongoing support requirements.

Employees have access to skills training to support continued education and employability, or to help them with career transitions.  We also support those retiring or involuntarily leaving the company with pre-retirement planning, job placement support and severance, as applicable.

Health and safety policies are in place for each company. Emergency response procedures and processes are communicated to all employees and safety inspections are performed. Health and safety and wellness committees work on continuous improvements in these areas.

Attracting our future leaders

We understand the importance of hands-on, structured work experience and mentorship within a student’s education. Our operating companies offer paid co-op and internship opportunities through partnerships with leading universities to connect us with students and new graduates.

Along with Power Corporation and Canada Life, IG Wealth Management supports the University of Manitoba’s Institute for Leadership Development, a teaching and research institute focused on developing leaders in the province. This support includes funding but also a commitment to an advisory role and providing mentors and presenters for the program.

IG Wealth Management is also one of the few companies in Manitoba, outside of traditional public accounting firms, that is an approved Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) training office. This offers students a non-traditional career path to meet their practical experience requirements.

For new university graduates, our work rotation programs pair them with senior executives and professionals for six-month blocks in various departments of our operating companies. These students gain valuable work experience, leadership skills and growth opportunities.

These collective programs help us develop our pipeline of future leaders and often lead to permanent employment within our operating companies. Working with these young professionals, our employees also benefit by developing their mentorship and leadership skills.