Talent and Culture

IGM Financial’s culture is rooted in doing what’s best
for its employees and clients every day.

IGM Financial has created and nurtured a healthy corporate culture that is essential to our success. That strong, inclusive culture has enabled us to thrive in spite of disruptions in the marketplace, as we saw in 2020 and will continue into 2021.

IGM’s success depends on top-notch relationships. We are strengthened by the uniqueness of our people and their different approaches, viewpoints and experiences – this makes our employees, consultants, advisors and clients our greatest ambassadors.

Standing together in our values and beliefs across IGM has created a compelling culture that enables us to embed and deliver sustainable value to our people and clients. As part of IGM’s five-year strategic initiatives, we are well into our journey of moving from a “one experience fits all” approach to deepening our culture of respect, equity, inclusion and community involvement This is how we enable meaningful careers and motivate people to be the best they can be.

In 2020, COVID-19 acted as a catalyst for leadership and technological change, accelerating us toward our goals.

Across IGM, we acted in a cohesive, unified manner, enabling our people to work safely and productively from home – knowing they had all the tools to do their jobs, while the company acted quickly to focus on all aspects of their wellness.

Attention to employee physical, mental and financial wellness was front and centre. Maintaining a healthy sense of connection between leaders and their team members was essential and that continues into 2021. These connections promote innovative thought and a sense of belonging.

IGM made significant progress identifying and strengthening our corporate culture in 2020 and employee survey results prove these efforts have succeeded. We have encouraged our people to have a voice, and they are using theirs. We asked them to demonstrate managerial and individual courage. In turn, they are asking IGM to demonstrate corporate courage.

In addition to a connection to colleagues, clients and resources, our people also need a sense of connection to community. 2020 was a record-breaking year for our community giving. The IGM Caring Company Campaign raised $1.18 million, a 10 per cent increase from 2019. Our employees participate in a number of national sponsorship programs, such as the IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer’s. In 2020, $5.1 million was raised by more than 12,000 virtual walkers nationally, with over 40,000 devices tuned into the national walk broadcast. The Mackenzie Investments Charitable Foundation, run entirely by employee volunteers, continued its support of charities across Canada. The Foundation has donated more than $12 million in grants to charitable organizations that help people in need.

We will continue our journey in 2021. While our environment continues to evolve, our commitment to providing a strong and positive culture to help our people thrive remains unchanged.

To achieve our vision, we have set priorities with measurable goals that focus on the following:

Strategic Workforce Planning
Anticipate and drive change that aligns talent decisions with future business opportunities

Optimal Organization Design
Align the right structure and roles with the business and workforce strategy, and ensure we continue to meet changing client needs

Talent Culture
Build greater capabilities and future-proof the business through evolving leadership, development and succession management

Fulfilling/Differentiated People Value Proposition
Enable employee and business success through clarity and focus on what makes IGM special

Holistic Approach To Wellness And Rewards
Increase resilience and engagement through holistic wellness, flexible and competitive total rewards packages

Talent Management Systems
Equip our leaders to make informed decisions through data-based insights driven by integrated systems and programs

Provide a connected, accessible communication experience that enables people to provide their feedback